I’m currently a software engineer at Amazon working on the Ring Alarm Security System. I work primarily on the Alarm Base Station which controls the in-home sensor network and connects it to the cloud. I graduated with a master’s degree in computer science from the University of Pennsylvania. Before that, I was a software engineer at Mathworks where I worked on the MATLAB core datatypes team.

I strive to make software systems safer. I am interested in leveraging systems and PL research to enable developers to easily specify and test the functionality of their programs. Imagine a world where critical vulnerabilities caused by low-level bugs are relics of the past: I am working towards that future.

I am enthusiastic about using great open-source tools to better my life and help those around me. In particular, I love Rust, Git, Emacs, Org-mode, and Ledger! I also enjoy homebrewing, rock climbing, and playing board games.